Let's meet each other

No matter what we will write here, there is only one way to find out who we trully are: joining us in one of our sailing tours.

We are 3 friends passionate about playing with the wind since 2007. It was difficult for us, however, to decide who is the most beautiful: the mountain or the sea? and that's why it was always hard to choose: at the mountains we fly with the paraglide and do rock climbing while at sea we "fly" a sailboat.

Since 2011 we organize tours for various sports activities and so our experience grew every year. We consider most of our clients as our friends, because one our secrets is that we do with passion whatever we choose to do. And so far, we managed to realy enjoy our tours.

After all this is the driver that pushed us for this bussiness - the pleasure to sail, to discover new places and beautifull people. So, if you want to have a tour where your are treated as a friend and not as a client - let's meet!

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    What do our friends say about our tours?

    "Me and my family we have been with HappySailing in Croatia in the autumn of 2019. It was a holiday in the real meaning of the word. we have sailed, we made tens of baths in the sea, we have rented scooters in the beautiful Mjet island and we have discovered restaurants in the harbor for the evening. But most of all I have learned a lot about sailing and sail boats. An experience that I would like to repeat, for sure. Razvan

    "Mie cel mai mult mi-a plăcut că am putut să fac baie în mijlocul mării, unde apa avea peste 80 m. Nu mi-a fost frică deloc! Ioana - 10 ani

    "Am fost cu HappySailing în Grecia în toamna 2018. Mi-e greu să spun ce mi-a plăcut cel mai mult... de la navigatul pe vânt tare la serile în port, totul a fost magic ! Alina


    La noi vei găsi vacanța ta pe mare, așa cum ți-o dorești ! Alege stilul care se potrivește cel mai bine cu tine și prietenii tăi, explorează destinațiile noastre și vino cu noi la joaca cu vântul.